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Project 3: Support measures against serious forms of cybercrime

The project's goal is to build the capacity of each country's criminal justice authorities to co-operate effectively against cybercrime, based on the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and other relevant standards and practices. The project will help countries:

  • To define strategic priorities regarding cybercrime;
  • To develop tools for action against cybercrime, including improved legislation, mainstreaming of cybercrime and electronic evidence topics in judicial and law enforcement training curricula, enhanced co-operation between law enforcement and Internet service providers, financial investigations on the Internet, effective international co-operation;
  • To assess progress made.

The project will combine regional workshops with peer-to-peer assessments and advisory visits.

Detailed information on this component can be found at:

Ms Cristina Schulman
Council of Europe Project Co-ordinator for the Cybercrime component of the Eastern Partnership Facility
 + 33 388 41 39 55