Directorate General of Political Affairs

Project “Good Governance in the Information Society”

Direction Générale des Affaires Politiques
Projet «  Bonne gouvernance dans la société de l’Information »

GGIS(2006)1E Fin.

Strasbourg, 23 November 2006

Meeting to Review developments in the field of e-voting since the adoption of Recommendation Rec(2004)11 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on legal, operational and technical standards for e-voting

Opening of the meeting: Thursday, 23 November at 9.30 am
Closing of the meeting: Friday, 24 November at 5 pm
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Thursday, 23 November

9.30 am Opening session

Introduction of participants

Background and objectives of the meeting – Introductory statement by the Secretariat

10.15 am First Session: E-voting initiatives and good practice in member states

11 – 11.30 am Coffee break

1 pm Lunch break

2.30 pm Second Session: Reports from relevant recent events


3.30 pm Coffee Break

4 pm – 5pm Third session: Assessing the scope of e-voting in Council of Europe member states

United Kingdom:


5.30 pm Reception offered by the Director General of Political Affairs, Blue Restaurant of the Council of Europe

Friday, 24 November

9.30 am Third session continued

Ms Gabriele Roth, Federal Ministry of the Interior:



10.45 am Coffee break

11.15 am Fourth session: Technical issues


12.30 pm Lunch

2 pm Fifth session: Activities and projects by International Organisations and other stakeholders


3.15 pm Concluding session: Looking ahead - Future prospects and challenges, and the role of the Council of Europe

General Discussion

4.15 pm Press briefing