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E-voting Committee - Background documents

Draft annex 3 section on sustainability of e-voting standards
J. Bowrey - 4 September 2003

Security Recommendations and Best-Practices for e-enabled voting
Draft Version – 27th June 2003

Questionnaire on Security Solutions in the EML Process Model
DRAFT VERSION – 30th May 2003

Presentation by Michael Remmert, ACEEEO, October 2003

Powerpoint presentations EE-S-TS (July 2003)
(UK, Geneva)

Open Technical Standards for e-voting (November 2002)
Document prepared by The Office of the e-Envoy (UK) in cooperation with OASIS

On-line voting in Germany (November 2002)
Document prepared by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany

E-voting Standards (November 2002)
Document prepared by the United Kingdom

European Standards for e-enabled elections (November 2002)
Document prepared jointly by the United Kingdom authorities and the Secretariat

Powerpoint presentations (November 2002)
(OASIS, UK, Netherlands, Geneva)

E-voting: A way forward towards full citizenship for people with disabilities?
Position Paper from DG III – Social Cohesion
Partial Agreement in the Social and Public Health Field

Proposal for a Council of Europe activity on e-voting standards
document prepared by the United Kingdom authorities

Powerpoint presentations (July 2002)
(OASIS, Estonia, DGIII)