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[Last update: 7 June 2013]

9 June: Archives paving the way for the future

Archives in the spotlight on 9 June

9 June is International Archives Day. Our Organisation holds some real treasures in its archives, and many staff base their work on this wealth of knowledge all year round. Researchers, academics and journalists come from every part of the world to consult our archives, with the assistance of our reception team.

The keeping of archives being a statutory requirement, it is a matter of concern to preserve them so that they can be accessed and used in good conditions. Integrated management is therefore gradually being introduced, through the Document and Records Management System project.

Below are two sequences showing the processes used to preserve and digitise our archives:

- Digitisation of treaties and instruments (duration 0’30);
- Digitisation of "vinyl" audio recordings and videocassettes (duration 3’54), in partnership with the European Parliament.

And below are some audio-visual curiosities restored and digitised:

- "The Council of Europe", a 1952 film about our organisation from which the progress of communication techniques can be gauged (duration 17’00 - only available in French);
- 1976: The old Palais de l'Europe and the new one (duration 2’32 - silent film);
- "George Orwell 1984" (1984 – duration 10’56 – only available in French);
- "Europe - Human Adventure" (1955 – duration 5’26 – (only available in English);
- "L'Europe des citoyens (Citizens' Europe)" (1978 – duration 15’45 – only available in French).

triangle For more information:

- Article about International Archives Day at the Council of Europe in 2011
- ICA (International Council on Archives)