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Strasbourg, 22 janvier 2013


Be part of the No Hate Speech Movement! Call for participants for the Training course for young online activists

The Council of Europe Youth Department invites all young online activists concerned by human rights violations, hate speech online, discrimination and racism to apply for the training course taking place between February 2013 and March 2014, comprising of a residential seminar between 6-14 April 2013 in the European Youth Centre Budapest, e-learning based training and initiatives to support the campaign against hate speech online of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

The training course aims to develop competences of 30 online activists to take action against hate speech online and to promote and defend human rights online. The training course also aims to empower them to develop initiatives and take an active role in the No Hate Speech Movement initiated by the Council of Europe.

The course objectives are:

The training course is based on blended learning, combining a residential training seminar with distance online learning. The training seminar is based on principles of non-formal education, being learner-centred and highly participatory.

The training course is designed for participants who are:

Application, procedure and selection of participants

All candidates must apply on-line, completing the application form under this link: http://youthapplications.coe.int/

Applications must be submitted by 7 February 2013 . The team of trainers will select 30 participants on the basis of the profile outlined above. The selection will also take into account balance between sexes, geographical regions, different types of experience, cultural backgrounds and organisations, institutions and projects. A waiting list may be established. Candidates will be informed about whether their application has been accepted or rejected, and if they have been put on the waiting list, by 15 February 2013.

Further information about the project, the training course and the application process can be found in the attached document and at http://act4hre.coe.int.

For further information concerning the programme and different elements of the course, please contact us at: eyc.programme@coe.int. For technical inquiries regarding the application form, please contact Ms. Zita Hasenauer at zita.hasenauer [at] coe.int

Project presentation / Course rationale / Call for Applications