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Framework Programme on co-operation between the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine in the field of youth policy
Action plan 2016-2020 – Ukrainian version

Meeting of the Management Committee Framework Programme on Cooperation in the field of Youth Policy in 2016-2020, between the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ministry of Youth and Sport (Kyiv, 3-4 March 2016) - Draft Action Plan for 2016-2017 (rev)


A ROADMAP FOR REFORM: YOUTH POLICY IN UKRAINE >> consult the pfd by clicking on the title

The programme of activities was mostly funded through a Voluntary Contribution (VC) of Norway which covered: an international youth policy review, a programme of training for youth leaders on human rights education and on youth participation and the translation and dissemination into Ukrainian of the manuals Compass (human rights education with young people) and Have Your Say! (local and regional youth participation).

The youth policy review was concluded and its results presented in March 2013

Four training activities (on human rights education, youth participation and youth policy – including a “50-50” course with youth leaders and civil servants) were carried out in 2012 and 2013.

Ukraine has responded positively to the call for setting up a national No Hate Speech Movement campaign. A national committee has been set up. The campaign in Ukraine is remarkably creative despite very limited resources.

A new Framework agreement for 2014 and 2015 was negotiated and finalised for the Joint Council on Youth in March 2014. In March, the Joint Council on Youth (CMJ) approved the new Framework Agreement and the 2014-2015 draft plan of action. It also called for support to confidence-building and conflict-transformation measures (to be included in the 2015 programme and funded through voluntary contributions).

As a follow-up to the CMJ, the European Youth Foundation opened a special call for pilot projects in Ukraine.

In September 2015 the Ukrainian version of Compass was launched at a forum which included also a consultation with youth organisations. It was followed by a training course on human rights education and conflict transformation held in November in Lviv

A training seminar and study visit of Ukrainian youth experts was organised in Strasbourg in December 2014.

The programme has been reviewed at the Annual Evaluation and Planning Meeting held in Kyiv on 4 March. The meeting re-set the priority areas of cooperation and prepared the programme of activities for 2015.

The Framework Programme on Co-operation in the field of Youth Policy is part of the Council of Europe Action Plan on Ukraine