Youth - Young people building Europe

Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth policy, youth research and youth work. 

    In 1998, the Council of Europe and the European Commission decided to take common action in the field of European youth worker training. Both institutions therefore initiated a Partnership agreement, whose aim was “to promote active European citizenship and civil society by giving impetus to the training of youth leaders and youth workers working within a European dimension”.
    This agreement has since been renewed several times and additional agreements were initiated in the fields of “youth research” and “Euro-med co-operation”.
    Since 2005, all Partnership activities have merged into one single framework Partnership agreement, which focuses on the following topics:

  • European Citizenship;
  • human rights education and intercultural dialogue;
  • quality and recognition of youth work and training;
  • better understanding and knowledge of youth;
  • youth policy development.

The Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth thus brings together the two institutions’ experience in non-formal education, youth policy, youth research and youth work practice.

All Partnership activities and publications enhance the exchange of experience and good practice between the actors involved, are embedded in a structured dialogue and contribute to the implementation of the political objectives of both partners.

Since 1998, more than 1.200 young people participated directly in these activities and many more were able to benefit from this experience through the Partnership publications.

Please consult the Partnership web-site for updated information.