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Study on new and innovative forms of youth participation: survey

Dear partners of the Council of Europe youth sector,

As you know, following proposals from representatives of the European Steering Committee for Youth and the Advisory Council on Youth for a publication on co-management, the Joint Council on Youth, the co-managed decision-making body of the youth sector, agreed that a study should be prepared on youth participation. This study falls within the first of the youth sector’s three major strategic priorities for the 2016-2017 biennium, that is to say to support young people and member States in increasing the participation of young people in democratic processes.

With the creation of social media, new youth movements and many global political changes, the way in which young people engage with public authorities and other bodies has changed significantly in recent times. Many new ways and forms for young people to talk to decision makers have been created. Hence, the study will be on new and innovative forms of youth participation in decision making for young people aged 16-30.

In order to collect material to inform this study, I invite you to take part in a short online survey on youth participation, we welcome your views on this issue.

We are seeking the opinions of people who are active in the field of youth participation, such as youth workers, policy makers, youth representatives, public authorities at all levels and NGOs on the way youth participation has developed in recent times.

Our study will analyse the current situation and provide guidelines for the Youth Department for its future policy and activities in this field.

The survey, which can be accessed here, should take around 20 minutes to complete. The deadline for completing the survey is midnight, Sunday 18 December 2016.

The study will include a number of case studies of innovative youth participation. You can nominate a project to be featured by completing the case study section of this survey or by emailing

We thank you for your time and for your contribution to our work.

Best regards.

Antje Rothemund
Head of the Youth Department