Sport Conventions

Conference on the Fight against the Manipulation of Sports Competitions
Promotion and Implementation of the Macolin Convention
Strasbourg, 20-21 September 2016


The purpose of the Conference is to encourage the Council of Europe Member and observer States, as well as countries involved in the negotiation process and all those interested worldwide, to sign and ratify the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions.

The Strasbourg event will contribute to keeping the positive momentum going, proposing targeted and co-ordinated actions, strengthening the cohesion and commitment between all actors, and feeding into national debates related to the Macolin Convention.


Purpose of the Conference: Highlight the on-going issues- at- stake and mobilise the relevant national and international actors to take priority actions.

Concept: The Macolin Convention was adopted two years ago. This strong political decision provided a major boost to the fight against corruption in sport, enabling both, to stimulate field projects and to integrate certain actors who have until now felt isolated, thus making their action more efficient. The daily commitment of a great number of actors towards the fight against the manipulation of sports competitions strengthens awareness raising on the harmful effects of the match-fixing phenomenon on society. A renewed political recognition of the urgency to act is however today necessary in order to sustain the efforts that have been invested.


Reference documents

Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (Macolin, 2014)
Download in pdf here

Conference documents

T-MC(2016)013_List of participants

T-MC(2016) 24 Conclusions

KCOOS project – Keep Crime out of sport


The entry into force of the Convention will secure this necessary booster. While awaiting these much-needed ratifications, the Conference will take place at a particularly opportune moment, enabling:
• A stronger impact of on-going projects contributing to the implementation of the Convention (notably within the Council of Europe and European Union joint project Keep Crime out of Sports , KCOOS) ;
• The creation of synergies between national and international actors with regard to priorities in order to obtain concrete results and to inspire long-awaited political decisions (notably with the prospect of the upcoming Conference of Ministers responsible for Sports planned to take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 29 November 2016).

The targets of the Conference are intentionally strategic. The expected debate in Strasbourg will differentiate itself from the technical discussion carried out as part of KCOOS and from the political process carried out in the prospect of the Ministerial Conference in November.

A selection of major themes will be identified through analysis of country contributions delivered through KCOOS as well as through the results of prior consultation of international actors. International actors will be invited to introduce these themes. Following the plenary discussion, those issues and topics that are recognised as priorities will be integrated into a “roadmap”.

The wide mobilisation of participants towards the implementation of the “roadmap” and its materialisation during the conference will provide an additional support to national actors. It will increase the visibility of their actions in order to help them enhance their work and therefore, to promote the Convention in front of their national political authorities. The message to be forwarded through this process is that the only way to sustain the fight against match-fixing is to ratify the Convention and to ensure its entry into force.

Delegations are invited to participate in their numbers, and to involve all representatives from the main relevant institutions concerned with the fight against match-fixing: Ministries responsible for Sport, Police and Justice, bodies in charge of regulating the betting market, and so on.