The Executive Council of the North South Centre will be held on 17 May, in the Isamili Centre in Lisbon
A video-clip/short movie, which highlights the Centre’s main achievements since its creation, was produced and will be launched officially at the 43rd meeting of the Executive Council. This tool will be coupled with a reference publication covering the period from spring 1984 (when the PACE Conference “North-South: Europe’s role” was held in Lisbon) to the end of 2009. The publication was launched in an electronic format in November 2009 and is being completed in light of the events of the anniversary period. A printed version is planned for autumn 2010.

Round Table on "The 21st Century, a century of global interdependence and solidarity", – 18 May – Paços do Conselho - Lisbon Municipality
The celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity presents an excellent opportunity to hold a Round Table on "The 21st Century, a century of global interdependence and solidarity", with the participation of a variety of eminent personalities with unique expertise on the issue

20 Bridge Builders in the History of Humanity

In the context of its 20th Anniversary, the North-South Centre is organising an exhibition based on 20 personalities in the history of humanity who made a remarkable contribution to building bridges between cultures and civilisations and played a pioneer role in what is today called “intercultural dialogue”.  

2009 North South Prize Ceremony – 18 May in the Portuguese Parliamentary Assembly

The winners are Mikhail Gorbatchev, a historic figure in the winds of change that put an end to the Cold War, and Rula Dashti, a Kuwaiti Parliamentarian who defends the rights of women, a very important theme to the NSC. The 2009 North-South Prize is also the occasion to celebrate the 15th edition of the Prize, awarded for the 1st time in May 1995, in Lisbon, to Peter Gabriel and Vera Duarte.

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