North-South Centre - European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity

The North-South Centre is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, from November 2009 to May 2010

Anniversary date, 22-23 Avril 1990

Photo : Meeting of the Executive Council 1992
Crédit photo :Council of Europe

1st meeting of the Executive Council of the NSC

On 23-24 April 1990, is held in Lisbon, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 1st meeting of the Executive Council of the NSC. The meeting, chaired by Mr Harry Aarts, member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, focuses on the participation of the South in the statutory bodies and in the elaboration of the programmes, the draft programmes of activities and the budget for 1990. During this meeting, Austria and Morocco announce their intention to become members of the NSC.

The election of the Bureau being considered premature, the members elect a group of contact which will act as such until the next meeting of the Executive Council in September 1990. This group, chaired by Mr Aarts ( PACE), is composed of 4 representatives of the quadrilogue (Mr Rafael Conde, Spain, government / Mrs Anne Marie Beulink, President of the Liaison committee of the DNGOs of the European Community / Mr Torres Pereira, Permanent Conference of Local and regional Authorities of Europe) and of a representative of the South, Mr George Covi.

While celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the NSC wishes to pay tribute to the members of Executive Council who accompanied it throughout its history and in particular its successive Chairs: Harry Aarts (the Netherlands), Victor Crespo (Portugal), Miguel Angel Martinez (Spain), Claude Frey (Switzerland) and Deborah Bergamini (Italy) - who supervised and developped its action.

Photos: page 1 of the verbal procés of the 1st meeting of the Executive Council