One of the issues that have been tackled by the NSC’s Programme of Activities (2014-2015), especially within the NSPEW and its EMWN, concerns the relationship between women and the media, namely the role that the media can play in promoting women’s image and consequently their rights, and the stereotypes of men and women that can be conveyed by it in the North and South of the Mediterranean.
As highlighted in the conclusions and recommendations of the 2011 Rome Conference and 2012 Istanbul Conference, as well as in the two national workshops held in Tunis and Tétouan in March 2014, one of the objectives of the actions towards women’s empowerment is to improve the portrayal of women in the media and putting an end to stereotypes which still prevent the achievement of the equality between men and women, by training media on gender equality and women’s rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The media represents a vital constituent of democracy and has a particular responsibility to promote respect for human dignity, the fight against discrimination, and equality between women and men, so it is crucial for the promotion and reinforcement of women’s participation in political life.

Past activities

During the NSPEW’s 3rd International Conference on «Women’s participation in political life in the south Mediterranean countries: challenges and opportunities» which was held in Rabat (17-18 June 2014), a session was devoted to «The media as instruments for the promotion of the role of women».

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