The North-South Centre launches the "8 March, 8 Days to celebrate Inspirational Women" campaign


[08-03-2017] The International Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the political, social, economic and cultural achievements of women. It is also the occasion to promote and remind that the realisation of women’s rights and gender equality is still hampered notably by violence against women, sexism and gender stereotyping. Combating sexist hate speech has been part of the work of the Council of Europe in the last years. The North-South Centre (NSC) joins the Council of Europe’s call for action to counterattack sexism and gender stereotypes and invites you to join the Action Day Countering Sexist Hate Speech of the Council of Europe.

To promote a non-stereotyped image of women, the North-South Centre will highlight the key role and achievements of women in the promotion of human rights, gender equality solidarity. The 8th of March will mark the launch of the Euro-Med Women Network’s campaign “8 March, 8 Days to celebrate Inspirational Women”.

By giving visibility to powerful women from the Euro-Med Women Network, through their words and commitment, the NSC wishes to raise awareness on equality between women and men and of the need of preventing and eradicating sexism and gender discrimination. All different and remarkable in their daily fight, they contribute to reinforce human and women’s rights. The NSC offers a tribute to these inspiring women who have contributed to the NSC’s work and hopes that they will inspire many others girls and women.

The NSC seizes also the opportunity to highlight the relevance of the Istanbul Convention, the most comprehensive set of legally binding standards to ensure every woman’s right to a life free from violence.

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