Line of action 1
Programme 1: Strategies and Capacity Buliding for Global Education

Activity 3: Promotion of Global Education Practices

1. Global Education Week – GEW
2. Global Education Guideline
3. World Aware Education Awards – WAEA

Date and place: (1) November in the member states of the Council of Europe; (2) during 2007; (3) October, Mollina - Spain.

Context and organisation: The Global Education Week encourages educational practitioners (and activists) to implement global education awareness-raising projects/activities in their relevant setting, reflect on how to address exclusion and inequality as well as globalisation, while including Southern perspectives in this process. The week is based on a network of global education national contacts/coordinators in 36 member states of the Council of Europe and 4 international networks/organisations related to global education and youth. The GEW is supported by an interactive global education webpage and an electronic newsletter. An annual GEW evaluation seminar gathers Global education week network national contacts for an assessment of the week and for a reflection on the improvement and optimisation of such mechanisms. In 2006, it was decided to reinforce networking strategies with Southern partners, and to produce a Global education guideline to support educators in formal and non-formal systems. In 2007, the guideline will be available on the North-South Centre website and circulated in a printed version. In a second phase, a Global Education on-line training course would be proposed. In addition, visibility and practice is encouraged and reinforced by the World Aware Education Award, thereby rewarding global education awareness-raising projects developed in partnership between different stakeholders.

Partners: Global education week network from 36 Council of Europe member states, European Youth Forum, OBESSU, DEEEP, Educating Cities, Irish Aid.

Target groups: educationalists and activists in formal and non-formal education; Council of Europe quadrilogue stakeholders and non-European global education stakeholders.

Objectives: (i) To promote and encourage global education practices through shared learning of global education fundamentals; (ii) To support the successful implementation of global education programme activities, in close collaboration with partners and stakeholders in Council of Europe members states and beyond (Southern countries and partners); (iii) To achieve recognition of global education by policy-makers in the member states of the Council of Europe.

Expected results: (i) Production of reports that give guidance to the NSC’s work with global education practitioners and that contributes to new good practices in global education; (ii) elaboration and dissemination of the Global Education programme.


Award ceremony of the World Aware Education Aware

In the framework of the Symposium “CHROMA – Cultures and Human Rights Of the Mediterranean Area” organised in the frame of the "All differents - All Equals", taking place in Monopoli (Italy) from 6 to10 June 2007, the North-South Centre awarded the three World Aware Education laureates on the 9 of June 2007.
The project winners are:
- "Humanitarian Education : institutionalising development education";
- "Youth Action for Change" web-based network for the empowerment of Youth on sustainable development and HR issues
- "The Others Role" intercultural approach on peace and conflict resolution issues through drama

This Award seeks to recognise and encourage projects which promote the sustainable integration of global education in formal and non-formal educational practices, display excellence in networking, partnership and coordination for increased and improved global education; bring together different actors and institutions.


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