North-South Centre - European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity




21-22 March 2009, Budapest, Hungary


Each year the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe hosts this seminar in preparation for the annual Global Education Week, which takes place in the third week of November.

The purpose of the Seminar is to provide a meeting space for national Global Education Week (GEW) co-ordinators, and to share national strategies for increasing and improving Global Education through the Global Education Week.



The objective of the Global Education Week (GEW) evaluation seminar was to share successful practices developed in the frame of the GEW 2008 edition and assess the recommendations and follow-up measures resulting from the preceding GEW evaluation seminar held in June 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia, aiming at improving working synergies between the the North-South Centre (NSC) GE programme and the GEW network and strengthen global education networking strategies at national level.

Therefore the evaluation seminar focused this year on the reinforcement of the role of the GEW network in relation to the NSC plan of activities for 2009, taking stock of the fruitful experience developed recently for the drafting of the Global Education Guidelines. Similar consultative processes engaging the GEW network in working processes of the NSC are encouraged to take place in future activities, such as the Global Education on-line training for example.

Further to the evaluation of the GEW 2008 edition itself and the evaluation of the networking mechanisms developed for the promotion of global education in national contexts, concrete outcomes emerged from the seminar workshops. These sessions worked on the improvement and optimisation of working methodologies and tools between the NSC Global Education programme and the GEW network, specifically the GEW evaluation process, the GEW webpage and newsletter and the follow-up mechanisms for the dissemination and translation of the Global Education Guidelines.

Holding the World Aware Education Awards (WAEA) in the framework of the GEW seminar allowed the WAEA laureates to successfully share their practice with the GEW network. The World Aware Education Award call for applicants was launched in July 2008 through the Global Education newsletter and the NSC website resulted in numerous applications from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Palestine, Romania, Slovakia and UK. Based on the international jury assessment the three projects nominated for WAEA laureates are:

The GEW evaluation seminar was organised prior to the launching event of the global development education programme in the new member States of the European Union (23-24 March, Budapest) - a partnership project between the NSC and the EC to be implemented from 2009 to 2011 - in order to engage GEW network national coordinators from new EU member States in this new programme.