European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement

EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement - Previous Activities

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Mission Rescuer - International Art Competition for Children's Paintings

The previous competition was intituled "I saw disaster with my eyes"

Major hazards and cultural heritage: preventive strategies,  27 October - 1 November 2008, Ravello, Italy

International Conference on aridoculture, 13-14 December 2008, Biskra, Algeria

"Optimization of agricultural productions and sustainable development" (in French only)

International Workshop For a new governance of natural risks, 27-28 October 2008, Istanbul, Turkey
Announcement and Conclusions of the meeting

International Workshop on Public authorities and civil society together for a safe European nuclear future, 22-23 September 2008, Kiev, Ukraine

International Disaster and Risk Conference, 25-29 August 2008, Davos, Switzerland

During the Conference the Agreement organised a Side-Event on Cultural Heritage and Risks presenting a selection of experiences from European countries.
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