European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement


The Secretariat, headed by an Executive Secretary, under the responsibility of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe:


prepares the statutory meetings of the Agreement and ensures their follow-up;

controls the application of the measures defined in the Medium Term  Plan of the Agreement;

examines and analyses the specific projects in close relation with its partners;

follows the projects developed by the Specialiszed Centres.


Based at the Council of Europe Headquarters in Strasbourg, the members of the team are:

Eladio Fernandez-Galiano - Executive Secretary a.i.

Francesc Pla Castelltort - Deputy to the Executive Secretary, Secretary to the Committee of Permanent Correspondents

Mechthilde Fuhrer - Deputy to the Executive Secretary

Linda Rollin - Relations with the Specialised Centres, finances and administration

Tanya Montanari - Relations with the Committee of Permanent Correspondents, meetings, web and communication


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