Coordinated Programes Activities

European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement

   SPECIALISED CENTRES activities supported within the coordinated programmes for 2012 - 2013
FirefightersUsing Information to Save Lives and Help Victims

The long-term objective of this topic is to improve the main factors of decision taking in emergency situations : the information available for managers and the population, the previous development of effective early warning systems, the rapid damage assessment, the training of rescuers and doctors and the psychological attention given to victims.

FloodingUsing Knowledge to Reduce Vulnerability

The main long-term objectif of this topic is to reinforce the role of laboratory of ideas and of platform for communication and exchange of scientific and technical information on hazards and vulnerability. Identify possible solutions to improve the resilience of societies to potential disasters.

NYPlacing People at the Heart of Disaster Risk Reduction

The aim of this topic is to improve risk perception by people and societies in order to raise political attention to risk governance, but also to improve preparedness through a proper consideration of ethical and social aspects, taking into account most vulnerable populations.