V. Employment

29. Member states should ensure the establishment and implementation of appropriate measures which provide effective protection against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity in employment and occupation in the public as well as in the private sector. These measures should cover conditions for access to employment and promotion, dismissals, pay and other working conditions, including the prevention, combating and punishment of harassment and other forms of victimisation.

30. Particular attention should be paid to providing effective protection of the right to privacy of transgender individuals in the context of employment, in particular regarding employment applications, to avoid any irrelevant disclosure of their gender history or their former name to the employer and other employees.

Activities conducted within the framework of the LGBT Project

Multilateral meeting

24/7 UNICORN Conference

Sticks and Stones

Delegations from the partner states visit the conference and the job fair and meet LGBT

friendly companies that are also represented in their own countries


Business Opportunities

Design an online platform for Albanian businesses to endorse their business as LGBT friendly


Review legal framework: employment, education, goods & services

Improve Albanian legislation, in accordance with CM/Rec(2010)5, the EU acquis, and international law. Coherent publication and recommendation of all results