Eurimages at the Rotterdam Film Festival

The third Eurimages Prize for the Development of Co-production awarded at the close of the CineMart on 2 February 2011 in Rotterdam, went to the project Kid by Fien Troch, a production of Prime Time (Belgium). 
Kid is a happy seven year-old boy who feels safe at home and loved by his mother, even though being a single mom isn’t easy for her. When his mother dies, Kid has to face the fears and anxieties of this world. Little by little he starts alienating from the people around him and harbours the hope of finding his mother again.
Fien Troch’s second feature Unspoken (2008) was presented at CineMart 2007 and screened in Rotterdam in 2009. Unspoken’s leading lady Emmanuelle Devos received the Best Actress Award at the Torino Film Festival.