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Seminar on
“Overview of sport in European prisons: how the penitentiary rules in relation to sport are implemented in practice”
5 March 2013
Strasbourg (9.30am-6.00pm)

Under the Andorran Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, EPAS is organising a seminar on 5 March 2013 to bring together experts from both the penitentiary and sporting authorities in Europe.

The aim of the seminar is to discuss the well-being and socialising of prisoners in detention and facilitating their re-integration into society through sport so as to enable them to change their behaviour and attitudes, develop their ability to work and live together and learn to respect others, including opponents, and to comply with rules.

Experts interested in participating can register by filling in the registration form.


    Council of Europe
    Room 5 (2nd floor)
    Palais de l’Europe
    F-67000 Strasbourg