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Sub-theme C: Parentsí, teachersí and studentsí involvement in educational governance and management and quality education.

The discussions under the third sub-theme will focus on parents as major stakeholders and partners in ensuring quality education for all. Their effective participation in the governance of education and consequently in the quality of it could be explored through discussions on parentsí essential rights with regard to education of their children: the right to information, the right to choose the school they prefer for their children, the right of appeal, and the right to participate in formal structures organised by the educational.

system.<br Recent research and several experiences in member states have shown that formal participation of parents does not automatically empower them or improve the quality of education. In particular, ways and means to involve parents from disadvantaged social background would be the subject of debate.

The Conference would aim at defining new mechanisms that reflect the expectations and the opinions of parents, and develop new forms or methods of parental quality involvement in education. >