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Summer School 2013: Understanding Diversity

The first Summer School 2013 - Understanding Diversity 29 June – 8 July 2013 - Academy of Bad Wildbad, Germany

The aim of the Summer School was to support the participating teachers and other education professionals in their professional practice and their professional development. In particular this implies:

  • Promotion a better understanding of diversity in their professional practice
  • Awareness in teachers and learners, in their families and communities of the importance of a positive attitude towards diversity in all its forms
  • Preparedness and ability to take action to counter discriminatory attitudes and actions
  • Inclusion of the development of the transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for living in diverse and democratic societies in their teaching practice
The participants also joined the online Community of Practice of the Pestalozzi Programme with over 1300 members.
The Summer School dealt with various aspects of the overall theme “Understanding diversity”. Ms Snežana Samardžić-Marković, Director General for Democracy at the Council of Europe and Mr Siegmut Keller, on behalf of Ms Marion von Wartenberg, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg, welcomed the participants. The mayor of Bad Wildbad, Mr Klaus Mack also welcomed the participants.
The programme consisted of about 30 hours of selective courses and about 30 hours of common activities where all the participants were engaged in the same activity at the same time. Participants could choose from 30 courses touching on the various aspects of diversity (f.ex. intercultural competence, discrimination, ethics, history, social justice, inclusion, human rights, etc.) and of pedagogy (cooperative learning, learner-centred approaches, involvement of stakeholders, participation, etc.). More general aspects of education were also addressed such as how to foster motivation and curiosity, the multiple purposes of education, the role of teachers and schools for democratic societies, etc.
Brief spot light

  • Description of the summer school
  • Course book
  • Report
  • Flyer (english)
  • Flyer (german)
  • German info on the first Summer School
  • Facebook page of this event
  • Round table: “Does school have a future? Which schools for a diverse and truly democratic society?”

  • * The Summer School replaces the training seminars organised in cooperation with our partners in Baden-Württemberg over the past 30 years. The format of an intensive and multi-facetted training programme of eight full days was chosen to increase the impact of the training which usually was of a duration of three days. Furthermore, the higher number of participants creates better networking opportunities for all.

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