European Workshop:

„Promoting Information Literacy in European Classrooms : Teaching the Google Generation – Challenges for teachers and Teacher Educators“ (tbc)

Bergen (Norway), 14-17 September 2010




    In today’s world information is available in a number of different forms, both from digital and analog sources. In order to deal with this challenge constructively, information literacy is important. Information literacy is a number of individual abilities required for recognising when information is needed, where it can be located, how it can be evaluated and used effectively. Teachers and school librarians have to develop sufficient information literacy in order to meet the need of learners of various age groups who are faced with unfiltered information.

    This workshop will raise some important questions related to the authenticity, reliability and validity of unfiltered information and try to identify the necessary competences and skills that teachers and school librarians have to demonstrate in this area.

    The discussion will also focus on how the school library can become an important learning centre in the school and how children and young people can be stimulated to participate in democratic processes as informed citizens.



Description of the Workshop



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