European Workshop:

„ History of the Shoah and genocides of the twentieth century “

Paris (France), 03-06 May 2010




    The training will explore issues related to history and the teaching of the Shoah. Guided visits of the Memorial and the Museum of Art and History of Judaism will enrich the programme.

    By examining the link between remembrance and history, the idea is to understand how memories of the genocide were built but also to learn about the ways followed by historiography. Moreover what is sought is the understanding how the Shoah forms part of the history of twentieth century genocides and, through comparative approaches, link the Shoah to the context of extreme violence and crimes against humanity.

    Teaching these topics addresses the question of the use of educational material/tools, the way these issues can be tackled, notably in history teaching. The workshop will provide the opportunity for a synoptic review of the various European approaches and an exchange in terms of educational practices.



Description of the Workshop
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