Promoting ratification

Several member States of the Council of Europe have not yet acceded to the Charter. Among them, six States that committed themselves to signing and ratifying the Charter when acceding to the Council of Europe have not yet done so (Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"). States preparing for ratification may make use of legal assistance provided by experts working with the Council of Europe.


From 2009 to 2012, the Council of Europe, the EU and the Russian Federation implemented a Joint Programme “Minorities in Russia: Developing Languages, Culture, Media and Civil Society” which aimed, inter alia, at providing assistance to different public authorities that would be involved in the future ratification and implementation of the Charter. During the programme, the application and monitoring of the Charter in Russia has been simulated in pilot regions, for example in the Altai Kray. In addition, a Joint Working Group was established which discussed, at experts’ level, the legal, political and inter-ethnic aspects related to the ratification. A proposal for a draft instrument of ratification prepared by independent experts was discussed at meetings of the Joint Working Group in 2011 and published afterwards.
Download proposal for a draft instrument of ratification

Republic of Moldova

In 2011, the Moldovan authorities set up a working group on ratification of the Charter comprising representatives of relevant ministries, some national minorities and Moldovan experts. In February 2012, this working group prepared, with the financial and expert support of the Council of Europe, a draft ratification instrument.
Download the Moldovan draft ratification instrument


Signature Charte Alsace 190614The Charter was signed by France in 1999 and the ratification process resumed in 2013. During the ratification debate, the French government reiterated that certain Charter provisions already, prior to ratification, comply with the French legal order and may constitute the basis of a public policy promoting regional languages. Against this background, several municipalities in Brittany, including the City of Rennes, have expressed their interest in applying the Charter. At a conference about the Charter in May 2013, the Council of Europe encouraged French local and regional authorities to apply Charter provisions according to their competences, possibly in the framework of partnerships with the Council of Europe. Following this, the local and regional authorities below have signed a local charter containing Charter provisions. Such local initiatives help to prepare the future implementation of the Charter. Photo: Presidents of the Alsace Region and the departments of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin signing the Charter for the promotion of regional language, 19 June 2014


Regional or local authority Adoption Text of the local Charter Implementation Report
Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne /
19/6/2014  Link / Leaflet
Bas-Rhin / Unterelsass 19/6/2014 Link / Leaflet  
Bischwiller / Bischweiler  20/4/2015 Link  
Buschwiller / Buschweiler 29/9/2014 Link  
Dannemarie / Dammerkirch 17/2/2015 Link
Drusenheim 22/10/2014 Link  
Fessenheim / Fessenheim (Oberelsass) 7/10/2014 Link  
Geiswiller / Geisweiler 2/4/2015 Link  
Haut-Rhin / Oberelsass 19/6/2014 Link / Leaflet  
Kolbsheim 22/12/2014 Link  
Lembach 27/5/2014 Link  
Mulhouse / Mülhausen 17/2/2014 Link Link
Ribeauvillé / Rappoltsweiler 21/3/2014 Link  
Roeschwoog / Röschwoog 3/3/2014 Link  
Saint Hippolyte / Sankt Pilt 7/7/2014 Link  
Saint-Louis / Sankt Ludwig 7/1/2015 Link  
Saverne / Zabern 10/2/2014 Link  
Scharrachbergheim-Irmstett 24/11/2014 Link  
Schleithal 6/3/2015 Link  
Sommerau 23/10/2014 Link  
Soufflenheim / Sufflenheim 29/4/2014 Link  
Strasbourg / Straßburg 20/4/2015 view the debate Link  
Stutzheim-Offenheim / Stützheim-Offenheim 9/2/2015 Link