History Teaching

Cooperation with Ukraine

Between 1996-1998, the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine organised a series of seminars on different aspects of the reform of history teaching as well as two regional seminars (Lviv and Chernivtsy 1997). Contacts had also been maintained with history specialists in Ukraine thanks to the Black Sea Initiative on History.

As soon as a financing became available under the Joint Programme of co-operation between the European Commission and the Council of Europe to strengthen democratic stability in Ukraine, the Ministry of Education of Ukraine welcomed the possibility to build on and extend the work already carried out.

The Joint Programme came at a good time because discussions were going on about curricula and standards for history teaching and also about history textbooks for the 20th Century and the introduction of the new information technologies into schools.

The Handbook on Teaching 20th Century European History was translated into Ukrainian and distributed to all the schools in the country and so was the Handbook on Multiperspectivity.

Ukraine also hosted a conference in Yalta on one of the five key dates discussed in the project "European Dimension in History teaching": the year 1945

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