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International Contact Group on Citizenship and Human Rights Education

European Commission


In the field of education and training the mission of the European Commission is to reinforce and promote lifelong learning. The Directorate-General for Education and Culture's work on education and training follows a twin-track approach of policy cooperation with EU Member States on the one hand and the implementation of the Lifelong Learning Programme on the other hand.

While the Directorate-General for Communication is responsible for the implementation of the Europe for Citizens Programme, the Directorate-General for Education and Culture covers among its lifelong learning promotion activities the area of education for citizenship. Civic and social skills are among the eight key competences identified by a recommendation of the European Parliament and the Council and the General Directorate for Education and Culture has been active in the preparation of indicators that measure progress and performance in this area. This is accompanied by research and studies on good practice. Through its Executive Agency and the Eurydice network the Commission is furthermore releasing reports on citizenship education in Europe.

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