Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (EDC/HRE)

The Final Certification Session Was Held in Pristina 

The final training seminar in Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights (EDC/HRE) and Democratic School Governance (DSG) in a series organized by the Interculturalism and the Bologna Process project (IBP) took place on 6-8 October 2011 in Klina. The IBP is an EU funded project, managed by the European Commission Liaison Office and implemented by the Council of Europe.

Over the course of the last year and a half, the project has organized ten workshop certification sessions in all regions of Kosovo1 and offered in-service teacher training and certification to all teachers of civic education and school directors at primary school level. The trained teachers and directors will form teams that have the potential to turn schools into places where democratic principles are not only taught but also become an integral part of school governamce and the every day experience.

The training provided by the IBP is officially recognised by the Council for Accreditation and Licensing of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo2 (MEST).

The certificated EDC/HRE training is equivalent to 35 hours of in-service teacher training, namely one third of the compulsory in-service teacher training required for renewal of professional teachers’ licenses according to the Law on Pre-university education recently adopted by the Kosovo3 Assembly.

The certificates were presented to the participants who successfully completed the programme by Mr Nehat Mustafa, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, and Mr Tim Cartwright, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Pristina.

In his address, Mr Cartwright congratulated the teacher and school director laureates, and explained to them how their achievement fitted into a wider European framework, notably the standards deriving from the Council of Europe’s Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, adopted by the Committee of Ministers in 2010. He also paid tribute to the many partners, including the EU and ECLO, who had made this achievement possible.

Ms Sophie Beaumont, Task Manager at the ECLO, and the new Team leader of the IPA EU Teacher Training Project (2011-2013) were present at the ceremony.

Mr Emir Adzovic, Project Co-ordinator, and Prof. Rolf Gollob, Senior Expert congratulated the teachers, school directors, Ministry of Education officials and partners on their success, co-operation and support.


1 All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.

2 See footnote 1

3 See footnote 1