European Diploma of Protected Areas
Awarded Areas in Slovakia

Poloniny National Park
The National Park is a woody mountain area (mid-highland with the character of lower highland up to a higher mountainous landscape) of the flysch zones of the Carpathians, partly influenced by a traditional economical human activity. Forests consist predominantly of deciduous wood plants of mild belt (prevails the European Beech – Fagus silvatica L.).

For information:
Slovak Environmental Agency
Regional Branch Presov
Administration of Vychodné Karpaty Protected Landscape Area – Biosphere Reserve
Lipova 19
06601 Humenné
Slovak Republic


obrocsky National Nature Reserve
The National Nature Reserve aims at protecting the natural environment, flora and biocenosis which are the examples of European natural ecosystems. It is the preserved fragment of the Carpathian natural forest (virgin forest) as a unique example of the forest ecosystem in the climax stage of fir-beech altitudinal zone.

For information:
Slovak Environmental Agency
Regional Branch Office
Lazovna 33
Banska Bystrica
Slovak Republic

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