The Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy
Other meetings

15th PEBLDS Bureau meeting
3 November 2008
Geneva (Switzerland)

Draft Agenda of 15th PEBLDS Bureau meeting - STRA-CO(2008)1

Draft Agenda - Organisation of the 5th Intergovernmental Conference “Biodiversity in Europe” - STRA-CO(2008)2

Outcome of the Joint MCPFE/PEBLDS Meeting on Pan-European Guidelines for Afforestation and Reforestation in the context of the UNFCCC, 16-17 September 2008, Malahide, Ireland - STRA-CO(2008)3

Draft MoC between the PEBLDS Joint Secretariat and the CBD Secretariat - STRA-CO(2008)4

Annotated agenda - STRA-CO(2008)5

Outcome of the 6th Ministerilal Conference “Environment for Europe”, Belgrade, Serbia, 10-12 October 2007 - STRA-CO(2008)6

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