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5th Conference "Biodiversity in Europe"
22-24 September 2009
Ličge (Belgium)

From 22 to 24 September the 5th Intergovernmental Conference “Biodiversity in Europe” took place at Liege University, Belgium. Over 120 government and business representatives and environmentalists met to discuss the state of Europe’s biodiversity and post-2010 biodiversity targets for the pan-European region.

The participants decided to step up efforts to conserve biodiversity and enhance the services provided by ecosystems; this also reflects governmental efforts to green Europe’s economy. Ecosystems support human well-being and health, and provide other direct benefits, such as flood control, water purification and regulation, carbon capture, food production, raw materials, and emotional, recreational and spiritual values.

Mr Pavan Sukhdev, leader of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) initiative, emphasized that current generations are consuming the ecosystem services of future generations at a rapid rate. “The measurable cost of the loss of biodiversity is somewhere between 1.5 and 3 trillion euros per year. In comparison: the total sum of all the financial packages approved by governments worldwide to mitigate the worst financial crisis of the last century was 3 trillion per year.” These figures illustrate the economic value of the sound management of our natural capital.

Draft agenda - STRA-CO(2009)1

Future of Intergovermnetal pan-European cooperation - STRA-CO(2009)2

Council decision of the future of the PEBLDS - STRA-CO(2009)3

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Conclusion and outlook - TRACO(2009)Inf.2

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