Bern Convention

The Standing Committee
The Standing Committee is the governing body of the Bern Convention. It includes all Contracting Parties as well as observer states and organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, at the national and international level. It meets annually at the Council of Europe premises in Strasbourg. The Standing Committee adopts recommendations concerning measures that should be taken to achieve the Convention’s objectives and improve its effectiveness. It also monitors the implementation of the Convention and provides guidance on its implementation and further development

Rules of procedure of the Standing Committee
Reports of the Standing Committee meetings
Meetings of the Standing Committee (T-PVS documents)

The Bureau of the Standing Committee
The Bureau of the Standing Committee takes administrative and organisational decisions in between meetings of the Standing Committee. It includes the Chair of the Standing Committee, the Vice-chair, the previous Chair, and two additional Bureau members, and is assisted by the Secretariat. The reports of Bureau meetings are made available to Parties and observers.

4 April 2014, Strasbourg (France)
T-PVS Bureau (1)

10 September 2014, Strasbourg (France)
T-PVS Bureau (2)

Groups of Experts
The Standing Committee has set up several Groups of Experts under the Convention to address the specific threats and conservation requirements of different species. There are Group of Experts on the Conservation of Amphibian and Reptiles; Birds; Invertebrates and Plants. Other Groups of Experts look into the management of invasive alien species, the setting up of the Emerald Network or the impacts of climate change on biodiversity.

Groups of Experts

The Secretariat
The Secretariat of the Bern Convention is provided by the Council of Europe. It provides administrative and other services that may be required by the Standing Committee. The Secretariat is also responsible for convening meetings and preparing and circulating all documents and reports that need to be examined by the Standing Committee and its Bureau, as well as by the Groups of Experts and ad hoc working groups set up under the Convention.

In the context of the “specific sites” case-files, the Secretariat registers all the complaints and claims submitted by NGOs or individuals. It then provides the liaison with the Bureau of the Standing Committee so that a decision can be taken on whether a case-file should be opened or not. Once the case-file has been opened, the Secretariat also provides monitoring continuity by requesting information and regular reports and maintaining ongoing contact with the parties concerned.

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