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Bern Convention: 3rd Meeting of the Group of Experts on European Island Biological Diversity

Corsica (France) in GalÚria
9-11 June 2011

The Bern Convention Group of Experts on European Island Biological Diversity, created in 2009, meets for the third time in GalÚria, Corsica (France), 9-11 June 2011. This meeting contributes to current international efforts to conserve biological diversity in Islands. The experts will examine the reports by States and International organisations on biodiversity issues on islands in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the North Atlantic and Baltic, in Iceland, Norway and Arctic.

The Group will also focus its work on the elaboration of a Charter on Biodiversity in European Islands, filling the knowledge gaps on threatened island biodiversity and on invasive alien species (IAS) on islands, proposing best practices for island biodiversity monitoring and conservation, recommending eradication of some particularly harmful alien species and exploring the conservation potential of small uninhabited islands.
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Working documents

Charter on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity in European Islands - PVS/Inf(2011)08E

Priorities for Conserving Biodiversity on European Islands - T-PVS/Inf(2011)09E

Report of the Group of Experts on European Islands Biological Diversity 2010 - T-PVS(2010)12E

National reports and contributions on European Islands Biological Diversity - T-PVS/Inf(2011)10E

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