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Bern Convention: 9th Meeting of the Group of Experts s on Invasive Alien Species (IAS)

St. Julians (Malta)
18-20 May 2011

The Bern Convention Group of Experts on Invasive Alien Species (IAS), created in 1992, meets for the 9th time in Malta, 18-20 May 2011. The meeting will focus on a number of new codes of conduct on IAS and some activities and topics: hunting, companion animals, zoological and botanical gardens and aquaria. The group of experts will review the implementation of the European Strategy on Invasive alien species and of the Code of Conduct on Hunting and Invasive Alien Species. The meeting should contribute to the exchange of experience in successful/failed operations in the control of IAS in Europe and the Mediterranean as well as on the positive conservation gains and the restoration of ecosystem after eradication. IAS in protected areas will be also a topic for discussion.

Meeting information

Agenda [anglais seulement]
List of participants
Final Meeting report - T-PVS(2011)06E

Working documents

Document containing texts adopted by the Standing Committee on IAS - T-PVS/Malta(2011)01E

Code of Conduct on Companion Animals and Invasive Alien Species (including ornamental fish) in Europe - T-PVS/Inf(2011)01E

Code of Conduct on Zoological Gardens and Aquaria and Invasive Alien Species in Europe - T-PVS/Inf(2011)04E

European Code of Conduct on Hunting and Invasive Alien Species - T-PVS/Inf(2011)05E

European Code of Conduct on Protected Areas and Invasive Alien Species - T-PVS/Inf(2011)06E

Possible European 2020 Targets in the field of Invasive Alien Species - T-PVS(2011)04E


Meeting report of the Group of experts on Invasive Alien Species (May 2009, Croatia) - T-PVS(2009)08E

Implementation of recommendations on Invasive Alien Species - National reports and contributions - T-PVS/Inf(2011)03E

Implementation of recommendations on Invasive Alien Species - National reports and contributions - Croatia - T-PVS/Inf(2011)03addE

Présentations [anglais seulement]

Established Alien Fauna in the Maltese Islands with a special focus on Arthropods - Dr. David Mifsud (Malta)

UK Ruddy Duck Eradication Programme September 2005 to March 2011 - M. Pete Robertson (United-Kingdom)

Actions taken in Belgium in response to the threats of Invasive alien species - M. Hans Van Gossum (Belgium)

Implementation by Italy of the European Strategy on IAS: Relevant activities carried out in the period 2008-2010 - Mme Lucilla Carnevali (Italy)

Implementation of the European Strategy on IAS Poland; progress since 2009 - M. Wojciech Solarz (Poland)

Spanish Catalogue of Invasive Alien Species - M. Isabel Lorenzo Ińigo (Spain)

Status of global work on IAS and perspectives after Nagoya - M. Piero Genovesi (Italy)

Towards an EU Strategy on Invasive Alien Species - Ms Valentina Bastino (European Commission)

NOBANIS European network on invasive alien species - Mr Piero Genovesi (Italy), Ms Melanie Josefsson (Sweden)

The European Code of Conducton Hunting and IAS - M. Andrea Monaco (Italy)

Code of Conduct - Companion Animals & IAS in Europe. Ideas on Implementation - M. Keith Davenport (United-Kingdom)

Towards a European Code of Conduct on Protected Areasand IAS - M. Andrea Monaco (Italy)

Position on «Assisted Migration» - M. Piero Genovesi (Italy)

Setting priorities for alien species eradication on Italian islands - M. Dario Capizzi (Italy)

Présentation "EPPO Prioritization process for Invasive Alien Plants" et l'article "EPPO Prioritization Process for IAS" - Mme Sarah Brunel (France)

Controlling two invasive plant species in Iceland (Lupinus nootkatensis and Anthriscus sylvestris) - M. Jón Gunnar Ottósson (Iceland)

Investigation and Forecast of further distribution of some Invasive Alien species in Armenia - Mme Hasmiik Ghalachyan (Armenia)

Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Ukraine: current state and challenges - M. Volodymyr Domashlinets (Ukraine)

IAS Rapid Response - "emergency powers". Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 - M. Huw Thomas (United-Kingdom)

Invasive Alien Species UK report. May 2011 - M. Huw Thomas (United-Kingdom)

Rapid Response to Dikerogammarus villosus - M. Huw Thomas (United-Kingdom)

Success and restrictions in managing IAS – experiences from Switzerland - Dr. Gian-Reto Walther (Switzerland)

Collaboration against invasive waterplants - M. Hans Van Gossum (Belgium)

Japanese knotweed biocontrol. Progress to date - Mme Lindsey Norgrove (Switzerland)

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