EEMPs - European Exchange of Media Practices

MEDIANE invites media outlets and their professionals to participate in European Exchanges of Media Practices (EEMPs). These exchanges intend to allow various media actors (journalists, media, journalism and media literacy trainers, regulatory body staff members, editorial managers, journalism students etc.) to strengthen and enlarge their competences and abilities on diversity and non-discrimination and exchange on inclusive and diverse modes of media design and production.The media exchanges represent a unique opportunity to share professional practices in the areas of media production, media and journalism training and journalism practice. Additionally, the participants will be asked to describe how they found ways of including diversity and non-discrimination in their outputs. This feedback will be used to develop a self-monitoring and action-support tool for media outlets and their professionals – the Media Index for Diversity Inclusiveness.

European Encounter in Nicosia, Cyprus, June 2013 - EEMP presentation @ 18"

Travel and Financial Support
A fixed lump-sum grant of €500 for the 5 days/4 nights of your exchange and a pre-paid travel ticket will be provided

Exchange duration: two 5-day/4-nights exchange period
You will work for at least 5 days with your exchange partner in his/her country. In return you will work with your European colleague for at least 5 days in your country.

Products and Presentation
The products will consist of media reports, case studies, training exercises etc. They will be accessible on the MEDIANE homepage and you are encouraged to disseminate your product in your training school, media outlet, regulatory body etc.

After your exchange you will be asked to write an exchange report and complete a short evaluation survey.


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Conditions and Terms of Participation

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Thank you for your interest in Mediane Exchanges - Applications are now closed!*
*Only applications and joint work proposals recieved before 31 August 2014 will be considered.
Match-Making service
The documents below provide details on a number of EEMPs applicants who are looking for a partner with whom to build an exchange. Check the list, read the profiles and contact them directly to discuss your exchange ideas. These files will be updated each week. So if you are interested to be part of the exchanges and to find a partner, by applying online, you will be automatically added to these files the week after.

List of Applicants

Profiles of Applicants