Cultural heritage: Publications

The following list includes both books distributed by the Council of Europe Publishing and documents issued directly by the Directorate.

The ones with an ISBN are paying and can be ordered from - an order form is available [PDF].

The other publications, if still available, can be ordered from the Cultural Heritage Division.

See also: Cultural heritage series

Heritage policies 

Guidance on inventory and documentation of the cultural heritage (2009)
ISBN 978-92-871-6557-2

Funding the architectural heritage: A guide to policies and examples (2009)
ISBN 978-92-871-6498-8

European cultural heritage volume I : intergovernmental co-operation -- collected texts
ISBN 92-871-4864-3

European cultural heritage volume II: a review of policies and practice
Robert Pickard 2002
ISBN 92-871-4867-8

Forward planning: the function of cultural heritage in a changing Europe
Available as PDF file.
The industrial heritage: what policies?
ISBN 92-871-1014-X
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 6)
Available as PDF file.


European heritage and heritage interpretation 

Heritage and beyond (2009)
ISBN 978-92-871-6636-4

Dividing lines, connecting lines: Europe's cross boarder heritage
Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper 2004
ISBN 92-871-5546-1
Available as PDF file.

Living wooden culture throughout Europe
Nuria Sanz 2002
ISBN 92-871-4882-1

The heritage of European universities
Nuria Sanz and Sjur Bergan (eds.) 2002
ISBN 92-871-4960-7

Moments of traditional music in Europe : a joint action = Moments de musique traditionnelle en Europe: une action conjointe. [CD-ROM]
Council of Europe with European Commision 2000

Les traces du pèlerinage à Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle dans la culture européenne [FR]
ISBN 92-871-1956-2
(Patrimoine culturel n° 20)
Available as PDF file.

Mining engineering monuments as a cultural heritage
ISBN 92-871-1740-3
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 15)
Available as PDF file.

Situation of the technical and industrial built heritage in Europe
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 3)
Available as PDF file.

 Inventories of the artistic, architectural and cultural heritage in European countries
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 2)
Available as PDF file.

Heritage education 

Publications on heritage education are listed on the Heritage education for Europe project site.
Cultural heritage and its educational implications: a factor for tolerance, good citizenship and social integration
ISBN 92-871-3584-3
(Cultural heritage 36)
Available as PDF file.

Vocational training in heritage 

Vocational guidance in the fields of skills relating to the architectural heritage, decorative complexes and movable heritage items
1999 (Cultural heritage 39)
ISBN 92-871-4053-7

Strategies for vocational training in architectural heritage skills: proceedings
1998 (Cultural heritage 38)
ISBN 92-871-3563-0
European Heritage Classes
ISBN 92-871-2796-4
(Cultural heritage 34)
Available as PDF file.

Applications of the techniques of photogrammetry to old urban centres
ISBN 92-871-1544-3
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 10)

Specialised crafts training and conservation of the architectural heritage
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 1)
Available as PDF file.


Heritage protection and conservation 

Archaeological heritage: the Council of Europe initiatives and the Valletta Convention
2002 brochure
Available as PDF file.

Sustained care of the cultural heritage against pollution
2000 (Cultural heritage 40)
ISBN 92-871-4233-5

Core data standard for archaeological sites and monuments
ISBN 92-871-3816-8

European Bronze Age Monuments
Barber, Martin 1999
ISBN 92-871-3712-9

Report on the situation of urban archaeology in Europe
ISBN 92-871-3671-8

The protection of historic buildings and their artistic contents against crime and wilful damage
1995 (Cultural heritage 33)
ISBN 92-871-2801-4
Available as PDF file.

Twentieth-century architectural heritage: strategies for conservation and promotion: proceedings
1994 (Cultural heritage 29)
ISBN 92-871-2463-9

Architectural heritage: inventory and documentation methods in Europe : proceedings
1993 (Architectural heritage, reports and studies 28)
ISBN 92-871-2342-X
Available as PDF file.

Management of public access to the heritage landscape: proceedings
1992 (Architectural heritage, reports and studies 24)
ISBN 92-871-2145-1
Available as PDF file.

Archaeological sites in Europe: conservation, maintenance and enhancement
1992 (Architectural heritage, reports and studies 22)
ISBN 92-871-2047-1
Available as PDF file.

The protection of the architectural heritage against natural disasters: proceedings
1992 (Architectural heritage, reports and studies 21)
ISBN 92-871-2005-6
Available in PDF file.

Architectural heritage, new technologies in documentation: report
1990 (Architectural heritage, reports and studies 19)
ISBN 92-871-1839-6
Available in PDF file

Heritage and successful town regeneration
ISBN 92-871-1710-1
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 14)
Available as PDF file.

New ways of funding the restoration of the architectural heritage
ISBN 92-871-1615-6
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 13)
Available as PDF file.

Archaeology and major public works
ISBN 92-871-1671-7
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 12)
Available as PDF file.

Architectural heritage and rural development
ISBN 92-871-1573-7
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 11)
Available as PDF file.

Funding the architectural heritage
ISBN 92-871-1018-2
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 8)
Available as PDF file.
Archaeology and planning
ISBN 92-871-1012-3
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 5)
Available as PDF file.

Le patrimoine rural [Fr]
(Patrimoine architectural; rapports et études 4)
Available as PDF file.

Technical co-operation and consultancy 

Publications on technical assistance and guidelines in integrated heritage conservation are listed on the Technical co-operation and consultancy project site.

European heritage - Sustainable development strategies in South-East Europe (2008)
ISBN 978-92-871-6371-4

Integrated Management Tools in South East Europe (2008)
ISBN 978-92-871-6264-9

Analysis and reform of cultural heritage policies in South East Europe (2008)
ISBN 978-92-871-6265-6

Technical assistance to the city of Telč
ISBN 92-871-2814-6
(Cultural heritage 35)
Available as PDF file.

Technical assistance to the city of Orange (France)
ISBN 92-871-2609-7
(Cultural heritage 32)
Available as PDF file.

Technical assistance to the city of Safranbolu (Turkey)
ISBN 92-871-2825-1
(Cultural heritage 31)
Available as PDF file.

Technical assistance to the city of Banská Štiavnica (Slovak Republic)
ISBN 92-871-2520-1
(Cultural heritage 30)
Available as PDF file.

Technical assistance to the Bois du Cazier site
ISBN 92-871-2205-9
(Cultural heritage 27)
Available as PDF file.

Technical assistance to the town of Tropea (Italy)
ISBN 92-871-2212-1
(Cultural heritage 26)
Available as PDF file.

Technical assistance for the restoration scheme of the university town of Alcalá de Henares
(Cultural heritage 25)
Available as PDF file.

Technical assistance for a computerised heritage documentation centre in Malta
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 23)
Available as PDF file.

Town planning assistance to Dalt Vila, Ibiza
ISBN 92-871-1765-9
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 18)
Available as PDF file.

Development of the Pont du Gard site
ISBN 92-871-1748-9
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 17)
Available as PDF file.

The Santiago de Compostela Pilgrim Routes
ISBN 92-871-1746-2
(Architectural heritage: reports and studies 16)
Available as PDF file.