Culture, Heritage and Diversity

"Marseilles Forum on the social value of heritage and the value of heritage for society"

Marseilles (France), 12-13 September 2013


The joint European Commission (Directorate General for Education and Culture) and Council of Europe "Marseilles Forum on social value of heritage and heritage value for society" brought local players together with an international panel (programme and list of participants in the panel) to meet heritage communities and found out about local activities ("urban walks"). Visit and discussions addressed issues relating to human rights, cultural diversity and identity, the integration of minorities and disadvantaged groups, the prevention of intolerance and discrimination, inter-faith dialogue and action in disadvantaged urban and peri-urban areas.




The main objectives were to:

Extract from Marseilles grassroots experience an interpretation of the Faro Convention that underlines its most innovative aspects (conclusions);

Provide a common reference framework for ongoing or future promotional and implementation activities in European countries;

Identify appropriate follow-up to the results of the forum through new activities (action plan 2014-2015: Faro Walks, Faro Initiatives, Faro Workshops, Faro Group, Faro Community)


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