Highlight heritage education during the European Heritage days

Increase cooperation between heritage education actors and the local organisers of European Heritage days, involve them in local heritage promotion projects.

Contribute through heritage education in citizenship.

Dreams for our roots : an example in the field promoting intercultural dialogue through heritage education.


The "House of Heritage" in Saint Romain (Burgundy, France) organises, every year, a training session for young people coming from post-conflicts areas together with young Europeans. In July 2010, 23 young 14-18 year-old 14-18 Years students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and France together discovered a heritage, took part in workshops and created a 7 x 1,5 metre fresco.


This project was supported by the European Union in the framework of the European Programme "Youth in Action" (PEJA).


For more information, please contact st-romain.arehr@libertysurf.fr.