Young people and Heritage


The Council of Europe has been involved in heritage education since 1989 and continues these activities in the framework of the European Heritage Days, a joint programme of the Council of Europe and the European Union. The EHDs provide a privileged occasion to showcase the latest developments in heritage education and encourage new projects.


Heritage education projects have focused on:

the discovery of our cultural multiple belonging ;

the introduction of interdisciplinary practice which embraces varied means of expression and communication;

learning to live together: intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, respect for the natural and cultural environment;


Thousands of young Europeans have thus been able to participate in a number of these heritage education projects and share their experience during the EHDs.


The International Heritage Photographic Experience (IHPE) which brings young people closer to the monumental heritage, learning to discover, value and love it, is also supported by the Council of Europe.


European Heritage Classes
The City beneath the City
Europe: from one street to the Other



Develop through heritage education

... During the European Heritage Days


The website pages on heritage education have been updated with in collaboration with the Association pour le Patrimoine Culturel et sa Pédagogie (APCP-France), Expert-advisor to the Council of Europe since 1989.