3rd European Heritage Forum, 2 October 2010, Istanbul (Turkey)


In the context of the European Heritage Days, the European Heritage Forums are annual international crossroads for all stakeholders involved in the interpretation, communication and dissemination of the cultural heritage. Such forums offer once a year an opportunity for dialogue among heritage professionals and professionals from other sectors of society.


The 3rd Forum organised in Istanbul on 1-2 October 2010 constituted the closing event of the 25th anniversary of the European Heritage Days involving 50 European countries. The theme of this Forum "Cultural Heritage, Participation, Prosperity" contributed to the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion from culture and heritage angle.


A EUreporter film and a photos gallery about the 3rd European Heritage Forum are both published on this webpage.


An evaluation form was sent to all Forum participants on 4 November in order to have their opinion about this event. It should be submitted by Monday 22 November 2010 at the latest. The outcome of the evaluation forms received will be published on this webpage at the beginning of December.


Documents of the Forum

List of participants
Round Table Guidelines

Heritage and Beyond

European Manifesto for Multiple Cultural Affiliation


Report of the Forum

Report of the Forum by Defne Gursoy, Moderator of Theme 1, and Ahmet Insel, Moderator of Theme 2


Presentations of the speakers


Theme 1: Involvement in heritage - a catalyst for participation and social and cultural inclusion



"Heritage Communities" and multicultural affiliation by Piet Jaspaert

"Learning from experience" by Nur Akin


Case study 1 "Industrial Heritage–the impact of citizen participation in its future: Lyon’s eastern industrial suburb" [fr] by Philippe Dujardin and Joseph Bérenguer


"Cultural Heritage and post conflict situations":

Case study 2 a. "General introduction and some examples (Nicosia, Guernica)" by Carsten Paludan Muller

Case study 2 b. "The Frauenkirche in Dresden" by Karl-Siegbert Rehberg


"Heritage-conscious young generations - Private / public partnership":

Case study 3 a. "(Bucharest /Brasov) FatzaDa project" by Dan Oprea

Case study 3 b. "(Denmark) -1001 stories- or how to involve a large public" by Mette Bom


Case study 4 "Cartagena–the successful experience of restoring and rejuvenating the city with the old Roman theatre as the epicentre for change" by Cristina Gutiérrez–Cortines


Case study 5 "Experience of Social and cultural inclusion through heritage projects (Sulukule / Fener Balat project)" by Korhan Gumus


Theme 2:  The heritage potential - a factor in sustainable development and local regeneration



"Cultural Heritage: A vital means of both prosperity and participation" by Donovan Rypkema

"Cultural Heritage in line with sustainable development" and Powerpoint presentation [fr] by Xavier Greffe

"Cultural heritage and international finance: an oxymoron or a promising marriage?" by Guido Licciardi


Case study 1 a. "Ruhr project" by Ulrich Borsdorf

Case study 1 b. "New valorisation strategy of Italian cultural heritage" by Marcello Tagliente


Case study 2 "Inventory of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Economy in Istanbul" by Zeynep Ahunbay


Case study 3 "Developing a methodology to measure the impact of the sustainable use of heritage resources–an international perspective" by Christian Mourisard


Case study 4 "The social and economic impact of the EU/CoE Regional Programme in South East Europe–the Integrated Rehabilitation Project Plan (IRPP/SAAH) in Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sarajevo, Town Hall (National and University Library)" by Mirela Mulalic-Handan


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