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Celebration of the European Heritage Days Portal


Vivanco Museum, Briones, La Rioja (Spain) - 14th December 2013

The European Heritage Days (EHDs), a joint Programme of the Council of Europe and of the European Commission, has developed a Communications Portal which is being given special recognition by Microsoft for its creative use of Bing maps (mapping technology).


Along with the EHDs Portal, which is considered highly innovative, there will also be a recognition of the Wine Community Portal, another platform implemented through Bing maps with the aim to promote wine culture and wine tourism.


The two portals will be promoted at an event entitled “New technologies strengthening heritage, culture and wine tourism”, hosted by the Vivanco Museum, in Briones, La Rioja (Spain) on 14th December 2013.


Through dynamic and interactive features, both portals invite the users to engage with a new cultural geography of Europe and participate in building a shared European Dimension of heritage and wine culture.






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