SPARDA: Perception Surveys


“Within the framework of SPARDA, the public perceptions surveys are conducted to explore whether perceptions and attitudes of the public towards migrants and cultural diversity can be affected by the use of targeted communication strategies.


The Council of Europe commissioned the Ipsos Social Research Institute to conduct Initial (pre-campaign) and Final (post-campaign) Perceptions Surveys in 7 partner cities.


Initial Perception Surveys

The Initial Surveys, which took place in May 2011, aimed at providing a baseline measure of perceptions and attitudes towards migrants and cultural diversity. They consisted of face-to-face interviews of 1400 respondents providing answers to a twenty minute-long questionnaire, with a city sample of 200 respondents.


Interviewees were asked a total of 35 questions on a range of subjects:


Frequency and location of contact with migrants/diversity

Definition of the term "migrant"

Trends in and attitudes towards migration

Feelings towards different ethnic/religious groups

Perceptions of the impact of migration on the country/town

Neighbourhood cohesion

Media usage


The Final Report of the Initial Surveys was published on 8 July 2011. The results were presented to the partner cities on the occasion of Media and Diversity trainings with the aim of providing partners with information necessary for the development of communication campaigns, of appropriate communication messages and tools, as well as better targeting local audiences.


Final Perception Surveys and Focus Groups

The Final Surveys are currently underway (January-February 2012). Their objective is to explore whether the public perceptions and attitudes can be affected by the use of targeted communication strategies. Compared with the results of the Initial Surveys, these final surveys will give indicators on the impact of communication strategies on public opinion and ways of improving these strategies in the future.


Additionally to the perception surveys, the IPSOS is conducting focus groups’ discussions with participants exposed to the communication campaigns. The aim of focus groups is to understand participants’ views towards the communication campaigns (messages and tools used, views of the perceived impact on public) and to provide specific recommendations for future campaigns.


The Final Report of the post-campaign surveys is now available (June 2012).



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