Route of Roma Culture and Heritage in Romania

The Maramures County Museum of history and archaeology was founded in 1904. The collections of the Museum mirrors the evolution of the local history and culture from the prehistory to the 20th century.


The museum is organised in four departments (Archaeological Museum, History Museum, Museum of Art, Ethnographic and folk art Museum, Planetarium) and it includes also four memorial houses. The very rich collections counts more than 70.000 thousand items, giving a deep and complete insight on the culture of the Maramures region.


The main objective of the museum is to acquire, conserve, research, communicate and exhibit the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment. The Museum develops a large number of activities in order to promote cultural tourism and to support a sustainable development of the region.


The Museum will bring in the Route of Roma Culture and heritage its experience on the educational activities with local Roma communities. The Museum will organize workshops and summer camps to bring together Roma and non-Roma children.



Route of Roma

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Maramures County Museum