Route of Roma Culture and Heritage: Partner organisations

The Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM), founded in 1923 and located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a museum "for people, about people", a museum of cultural identities, the link between the past and the present, between our own and other cultures, between the world of nature and human civilisation.


The central museum of ethnology/anthropology, with Slovene and equally important non-European collections in the field of material, social and spiritual culture, which the museum collects, documents, researches, preserves and communicates to a very wide audience.



Chave Foun Winta (The Sons of the Wind). Created in 2001 in Aričge in the south-west of France, the association is a mediator to all public institutions to recognise the values and lifestyle of French Roma; a defender of Roma culture in France and Europe through cultural, educational and scientific events.


They work with other Roma associations throughout France, united in a federation, to propose solutions so that the French Roma are considered as "ordinary citizens" and not only as "nomads".





Route of Roma

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The Rural Media Company, based in the West Midlands region of the UK, is a media education and production charity, with a national reputation for  its work with marginalized communities.  It was  founded in 1992 and is the publisher of Travellers’ Times quarterly magazine – the leading voice of the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller communities in the UK - with a readership of 100,000.   

Travellers’ Times Online – an education and networking portal for the GRT communities  will be launched in April 2009.

Department for Education (United Kingdom)
The purpose of the Department for Education is to make England the best place in the world for children and young people to grow up. It covers all aspects of education including policies which are aimed at closing the gap in levels of attainment for vulnerable groups such as Roma and Travellers and other ethnic minority communities.


Presencia Gitana



This association is active on the entire Spanish territory and co-operate internationally with other organisations such as Romani Union Maskarthemutni (Union Romani International), or the ENAR network, as well as with national partners in the context of common projects.


Presencia Gitana organises symposia, auditions, meetings and seminars for the support and development of Roma culture and heritage.




Romano Petjtaušago – Roma Friendship, a Roma association in the Roma settlement Kamenci – Community Črenšovci – Pomurje region - Slovenia. Main activities: presentation of the Roma cultural and ethnological heritage (museum, crafts, herbal garden, music and dance) the tourists and students, interdisciplinary, creative workshops for Roma and non-Roma youth population; projects and programs for improvement of the socioeconomic position of the Roma population.


Cooperation in the realization of the projects and arrangement of the commune Črenšovci and different NGOs.