The European Route of Megalithic Culture


The Route of Megalithic Culture serves as a platform for scientists, museums as well as tourism experts from Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark to underline the outstanding importance of the megalithic culture for European history, to rediscover and promote the tourism value of its monuments and, in this way, improve their protection as part of the common cultural heritage.



Date and countries


Incorporated into the programme "The Council of Europe Cultural Routes": 2013

Countries: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden





The origin of shared spiritual concepts in Europe as a basis for the emergence of a boundary-bridging identity is a phenomenon that started more than 6,000 years ago. In the Neolithic period, the landscape of the majority of today’s member states was dominated by distinctive constructions which also followed a common idea: the monuments of the megalithic culture. They served exclusively cultic purposes, and their monumentality and massiveness continue to draw visitors under their spell to this day. They are the oldest architectural relics of Europe - older than the Egyptian pyramids. From the Middle Ages to the present, countless descriptions and artistic works show that megalithic culture is one of the most important historical subjects ever to have captivated the minds of the people in Europe.



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