10th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture "Governance of Culture – Promoting Access to Culture"

Bolshoi Theater, Moscow, Russian Federation, 15-16 April 2013


The concept of democratic governance of culture was at the heart of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture (Bolshoi Theater, Moscow, 15-16 April 2013). What interrelation exists between access to culture and participation in cultural life and the enhancement of democracy? What are the new challenges for governments and their Ministers of Culture in promoting access to and participation in cultural life in times when European societies are facing multiple social and economic changes? Who takes part in what culture, by which means and with what impact? How can we help develop well integrated cohesive societies through culture therefore contributing to democratic stability and deep security in Europe? (Photo 1: Official group photo)


The 10th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture highlighted the added value of culture as a resource for genuine democracies and fuller participation of citizens. It pointed out innovative approaches in the field of cultural governance, policy and practice.


Trailer on the Conference


The Conference also looked into ways for the Council of Europe, as the pan-European intergovernmental forum on culture and laboratory of democratic governance, to increase effective co-operation in the cultural field with international organisations such as UNESCO and the European Union.


moscowThe Conference participants further developed and exchanged on the following sub-themes:




 (Photo 2: Bolshoi Theater)




Programme [16/04/2013]

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Opening of the conference

Speech by Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni

Address by Mr Albert Esteve Garcia, Minister of Culture of Andorra, on behalf of the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe [fr]


Plenary meeting and debate

Speech by Ms Claudia Schmied, Federal Minister for Education, the Arts and Culture, Austria


Session 1 - Role of governments: new challenges and opportunities

Presentation by Mr Pier Luigi Sacco Professor of Cultural Economics, IULM University, Milan

Speech by Mr Bratislav Petkovic, Minister, Ministry of Culture and Media of Serbia

Speech by Mr Aleš Črnič, State Secretary, Ministry of Culture of Slovenia

Speech by Ms Antonia Pasqua Recchia, Secretary General of the Italian Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities


Session 2 - Best Practices and Policy Innovation

Introduction by Mr Herwig van Staa, President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

Speech by Mr Konstantinos Tzavaras, Alternate Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports of Greece [fr]

Speech by Mr Ivan Sečík, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Speech by Mr Marcus Hartmann, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Sweden

Speech by Mr Ragnar Siil, Undersecretary, Ministry of Culture of Estonia

Speech by Mr Fernando Benzo, Undersecretary, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain

Speech by Mr Jean-François Collin, Secretary General of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication [fr]

Speech by Mr Ivan Jurkovic, Apostolic Nuncio in Russia [fr]


Session 3 - Perspectives for the Council of Europe

Speech by the President of the Conference of the IONGs Jean-Marie Heydt [fr]

Speech by Ms Luisella Pavan-Woolfe, Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Council of Europe

Speech by Mr Jerzy Ciechanski, European Committee for Social Cohesion (CDCS), Counsellor to the Minister


Closing session

Presentation of the main insights of the three sessions by Ms Snezana Samardzic-Markovic, Director General DGII Democracy, Council of Europe


Documents for information

CultureWatchEurope 2012 Conference Reader: Cultural Access and Participation - from Indicators to Policies for Democracy (Helsinki, Finland 30 June 2012)

Making culture accessible - Access, participation and cultural provision in the context of cultural rights in Europe (2010)