Fourth meeting of RECI – Spanish Intercultural cities network


Sabadell, 20th, September, 2012


Quim Carné, Councillor for Civil Rights and Citizenship of Sabadell City Council, opened the meeting. He made on overview of the migration history of the city of Sabadell and the development of a transversal discourse on interculturalism in the city. Olga Jimenez, Officer of the Department of Civil Rights and Citizenship of Sabadell City Council, presented the good local practice called "Building Citizenship", which wants to stop ignorance about interculturality and promote solidarity in neighbourhoods through interaction, interactivity, information and circulation of knowledge, as the key elements.


The Manual for designing intercultural policies was presented, and particularly the section "The RECI intercultural programs. A structural and discursive Comparison" which provides a description and a comparative analysis of the various plans of RECI intercultural cities. The subsequent discussion focused on the need to identify clear indicators for assessing intercultural policy, encompassing both procedural aspects (social participation, political commitment ...) and context (diversity, existence of xenophobic parties, number of conflicts ...). It was agreed that Ricard Zapata-Barrero, scientific advisor of the network would send an initial proposal for indicators to be discussed by RECI members.


City representatives welcomed Daniel de Torres as the new network director and expressed their commitment to continue working together and ensure the network’s success and sustainability.