Patras and Limassol: Two Cities, One project-One aim- Interculturalism!


A five day training course was recently held in Limassol, Cyprus in the framework of the initiative "TICTYM: Towards Intercultural Cities through Youth Music". Patras and Limassol are both cities which share a passion for interculturalism. They cooperate in this initiative.


The training course provided a unique opportunity for young people through a series of workshops and presentations. The exchanges were centred around the role of young people in modern cities. Migration, interculturality, minority rights and intercultural relations were some of the topics discussed. The aim of this event was very concrete. Its objective was to make young people become agents of change in making European cities better places to live in the future.


This intercultural initiative involve various community stakeholders. Young musicians will be trained to develop international music programs for festivals and programs. Both local conservatories and school teachers will serve to integrate and implement intercultural activities in formal and non-formal education. Representatives of various youth NGO will disseminate the concept through the Euro-Mediterranean Basin. This will also act as a mutliplier for the project. Local authorities will provide policy support for this project.


The participants will be equipped with the adequate knowledge, skills and experience to initiative small scale youth and intercultural programs in their local communities. They will also act as multipliers by motivating and involving their peers in future projects.


Patras and Limassol as twinned cities which are both dedicated to interculturalism. The Greek municipal enterprise for planning and Development, ADEP S.A raised awareness in Limassol of the Intercultural City network. The synergy between these cities will hopefully lead to similar projects being developed in the future and enrich the European intercultural city experience database.


By Thomas Pavan-Woolfe