Youth magazine 5+: fostering interculturalism and benefiting from linguistic diversity


5+ is the first and only multilingual magazine in the Province of Vojvodina, Serbia, for secondary school students. The title itself means achieving above the best school grade – fiv. The articles in this monthly magazine are published in three languages Serbian, Hungarian and Croatian, and prepared by the secondary school students from Subotica who wish to practice journalism, write their own views and comments on various events and cultural happenings organised in the city and to discuss issues relevant to youth culture.


The project was launched in 2008, to promote cultural diversity and different linguistic identities in the local multicultural community. By writing about topics related to students’ everyday life and urban culture, this hard-working and successful team of students and teachers are contributing to improve intercultural understanding and promotion of learning the languages of the social environment. Knowing the languages in official use in a multicultural community such as Subotica, has become an asset or a real plus to the competencies required for their professional development and future careers.


The involvement of the students in local diversity management is very important, since the number of high school students in Subotica amounts to 6000. The main objective of the locally supported project 5+ is to encourage and master the art of creating and publishing newspapers through a series of creative workshops, lectures and field activities with secondary school students. The team of 5+ includes a variety of students, coming from different towns in the Vojvodina region, and having different professional ambitions. But their overall aim is to promote good communication across the diverse linguistic identities and to learn the language of their neighbours. The project itself, which enjoys the support of Subotica City Council, will help recognise the talent of future journalists, writers, critics, photographers and strengthen intercultural sensibility and competences of the next generation’s professionals.


Written by Stanka Parac

ALDA Partnership

Support manager




Published by Secondary school student centre, Subotica

Robert Đivanović: director Boris Cupać: founder and editor-in-chief

Oliver Uscumlic; Karolina Pap Bartus; Margaret Tomo: editing, design

Tatjana Mandic Takacs, Ms. Renata Tapai; Mr. Dragan Rokvic; Mr. Branislav Kollár; Mr. Sinisa Zelen: professional mentorship

And various young jounalists